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Well we are preparing for the once in a lifetime 50th Anniversary SAM Champs this September in Muncie, IN at the AMA headquarters.  It will be awesome!  I am finishing up several new planes for numerous events at the champs.


Currently I am rebuilding an old 84" Chet Lanzo Bomber for C Glow LER.  It will have an OS .52 Surpass 4 Stroke for power.  I am rebuilding my old Strato-Streak for 1/2A Texaco.  I am also building a scaled up version of the Zaic Thermic 70 glider for Old Time RC glider.  It will have a  120" wingspan.


I built a TeeDee .020 Powered 36" version of the Super Buccaneer (which I have a full size version already I first bult in 1962), and have it ready to cover.  The little beauty will be for the .020 Replica FF Event.  I have a Burnham Twin Pusher for that event, as well as several Hand Launch and Catapult gliders for those events.


My trusty Lanzo "Baby Bird" for Speed 400 electric is ready to fly in the champs again (for the 5th year).  I also have another Bomber for the Electric LMR event as well. I have a scratch built Speed 400 Scale Aeronca C-3 For Speed 400 Scale.  Needless to say, It will be a busy week for me and we look forward to seeing all our friends there and spend the week having a ball.


May you find all the thermals you desire, and may it be FUN!


Tommy Gray

SAM 15 President

Former SAM International Secretary




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