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Well we just returned from the Muncie SAM Champs for 2008 and it was fantastic.  Flying was great (though it was a bit windy at times) but the best part was seeing all our fellow SAMMERs and getting to do the thing we love (Flying models) for a whole week!  I flew in three events and posted a few respectable times, though none were winners (Wait until next year).


I had the privilege to meet the designer of the 1939 Powerhouse, Sal Taibi, and get him to sign the wing of the 1/2 scale version that I was flying for 1.2A Texaco, and to get a "Photo-op" with him.  He is a great gentleman with a lot of great stories about the golden age of model airplanes.  I have a picture I will post on the site soon.


The event was super and I made a lot of good friends there.  I really look forward to next year's competition in Nevada.


I also have a few pictures taken from the flight line during competition.  We got pictures of Dave Harding's Boehle Giant being prepped for flight.  I also have a great picture of the WEDGY group (myself included) who flew the Leon Schulman WEDGY in this year's special event, thanks to friend and SAM Midwest VP Glen Poole.  There are several others that will be posted soon on the photo pages of the web site.


Hey, all in all, SAM Champs 2008 was an awesome event.

I am already prepping some new planes for 2009.  I am refurbishing my old Berkeley Super Buccaneer, building a new Strato-Streak", building a "Spirit of SAM" Cruiser, and also starting on a B/C Ignition Bomber, and a full size "Spook".  Sure hope I can get them all done by October 2009!  :-)


Can't wait until next year!!


May you find all the thermals you desire, and may it be FUN!


Tommy Gray

SAM 15 President

SAM International Secretary




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