SAM Chapter 15 Membership Requirements:

SAM 15 is open to virtually all fliers who have an interest in antique aircraft, but there are a couple of membership requirements. First you must be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in good standing with a current AMA membership card. Next, since SAM 15 is an official chapter of the Society of Antique Modelers International (SAM), an AMA Special Interest Group (SIG) you must have a current membership in SAM. If you are not a member of these organizations, then you must first join them, then apply for membership in SAM 15. Links to both organizations’ web sites are on the home page of the SAM 15 website at If you have these memberships, then please continue filling out this application.  Currently there is no membership fee for SAM 15, though that may change in the future.


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