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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #11

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
In my last report, I showed these Stab tip and trailing edge pattern that were cut out of the reduced Cleveland Cloudster plan.
Well, as it turned out there was a fair amount of modification required to fit the Jim Adams plan. I used the patterns and cut the parts oversize. Then after a considerable amount trim, sand and fit on each oversize part, I finally got them to fit the Jim Adams plan as shown below.
I took each of the four parts and traced them out on a quadrille sheet to make correct patterns as shown below. Tomorrow I will mail these patterns to James Lollar up in Ada, Oklahoma as he is also building a Cloudster for the Speed 400 event.
Then I made matching parts for the other side of the stab as shown below.
Tomorrow, I will cut out the stab ribs and start laying out the stab structure. However, tomorrow afternoon Sue and I are going to see the new Amelia Earhart movie so I may not get too much done................................Tandy

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