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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #14

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
Today I managed to get the stab center section planked. The picture below shows the 1/32" planking on the bottom that matches the 1/32" plywood stab plates. 
I changed from 1/32" to 1/16" planking on top of the stab. The fin is supported in the stab slot and I felt that 1/16" was a better selection. However, I did pick fairly light 1/16" sheeting to keep the weight down. The stab slot is shown below.
The fin is shown installed in the stab slot in the picture below. I was able to achieve a good tight fit of the fin in the stab slot. With the two 2-56 cap screws tighten down the fin trailing edge is exactly 90 degrees to stab rear spar.
The bad news today is I broke my <Expletive Deleted>  glasses %$#&!. They are the ones with no frame. The Titanium ear and nose pieces screw directly to the lenses themselves. I went to the optometrist to see what could be done. He said if I would bring the broken glasses first thing Monday morning that he would send them off for repair and promised he would have them back NLT Friday of next week. :O<  With my new lens implants, I can drive without glasses, but there is no way I can work on the Cloudster. So guys, I will be dead in the water all next week!........................Tandy 

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