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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #2

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
Sue and I had a lot going on today. We had to have the exterminators out to spray and dust for ants of all things. All of this rain we have been getting here in north Texas really has the ant population stirred up. We have a house keeper right now while Sue recovering from her injury and it was her day to clean the house. I took Sue to Arlington Memorial Hospital this afternoon for one of her physical therapy session. So I have not had a lot of time work on the Cloudster today, but I did manage to get the second side of the Cloudster fuselage laid up as shown below. The 3/16" sq. balsa seems a little large to me, but I selected pretty light wood (i.e., the two longerons together only weigh 5 grams) and the aft fuselage vertical members are reduced to 1/8" X 3/16" to also save weigh. If it turns out that the fuselage structure is too heavy when I get it framed up, I will go back and build another one out of 1/8" square.
One item I forgot to mention in my first report. My friend James Lollar up in Ada, Oklahoma likes cabin models and asked me to send him copies of my Cloudster plans, which I did. I think he is considering building the 300 sq. in. version for the Speed 400 electric event as well.......................Tandy 

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