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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #26

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
I have had little time to work on the Cloudster the last couple of days, however I did manage to get the rudder and elevator push rods stabilized and finished out today. In the front view of the fuselage below, you can see the three 1/16" X 3/16" balsa cross members holding the two push rods in position.  
This is a different perspective of the cross members in this view looking in from the right side. The yellow sheaths have been sanded on the outside to scuff the exterior surface to enhance their CA bonding to the cross members.
This picture shows the push rod exit at the rear of the fuselage where it emerges out of the 3/32" X 1-1/4" balsa filler sheet. The yellow sheath was extended out the back a little further than shown. 15 minute epoxy was then mixed up and the sheath was coated liberally on the outside and inside of the filler sheet with the epoxy. Then the sheath was both pulled back into filler sheet and rolled over and over at the same time to coat the inside of the exit joint. It is important that the push rod clevis be engaged in the control horn so that the yellow sheath angle is held in its proper position while the epoxy sets up.
This picture shows the epoxy coating from the inside of the filler sheet.
Once the epoxy was thoroughly cured, the epoxied yellow sheath was coarsely ground down with a Dremel barrel sanding drum, but not too close to the filler sheet. Final sanding was done by hand, leaving a neatly inlaid elliptical opening flush with outside of the filler sheet as shown below. 
This picture shows the clean exit of the 1/32" push rod out of the fuselage's side at just the right angle.
This completes the Cloudster's push rod installation. The next task will be to develop all of wing's rib and wing tip patterns in preparation for building the wing next.............................Tandy 

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