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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #40

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
The Cloudster wing has a recessed leading edge over the cabin area as can be seen on the wing plan below. However, when I built the left and right wing halves the leading edges were extended and not recessed. Being concerned about accuracy, it was decided to frame up the center section in place over the wing plan using a false leading edge that will be cut out later. If you recall from Report No. 33, the vertical rise out at the polyhedral break of the left inner panel is (1-1/2" X .923) = 1.257", which was used in the jig set up below.
Once the joint had dried, the jig was removed and the actual rise was measured with a steel scale. The "as built" rise came out at 1.27" as shown below. This is only 0.013" greater than the calculated value of 1.257" and considered well within practical building tolerance.
The same jigging was used to set up the vertical rise out at the polyhedral break of the right inner panel as shown below. Notice the long aluminum straight edge along the trailing edge of the wing used to insure the total wing is straight tip to tip. 
Before quitting for the day, center section's top main spar was glued in place as shown below. The wing will be left to thoroughly dry overnight........................Tandy

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