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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #49

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
Some time was spent with Jerry Kestner here today while he resolved most of the remaining issues on my computer that have cropped up since he did the restoration and reformatting of the hard drive. There was not to much progress on the Cloudster today except for the tail skid installation and some initial concept work on how to go about building the cowl. However, I will go on and post the work on the tail skid. 
The tube for securing the 1/32" wire tail skid was cut from a piece of 1/16" aluminum tubing with a 1/32" I.D. This tube was installed in the rear of the fuselage structure using two 1/16" plywood retainers, which were glued into the structure as shown below. The plywood retainer at the bottom of the picture also has a small second piece of 1/16" plywood glued on the bottom to prevent the aluminum tube from going all of the way through. The aluminum tube itself was cleaned with Acetone and CA'd to the two plywood retainers. The aluminum tube was left protruding out the bottom about a 1/4". Once the bottom bulkheads and stringers have been installed, this tube will be cut off flush with the stringer line. A piece of 1/32" piano was bent on the lower end to form the tail skid and inserted into the aluminum tube as shown below. However, it will not be epoxied inside the tube until the fuselage has been finished and covered.

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