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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #54

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
In the previous Report No. 53, a 4-40 metal screw was screwed in from the back side of the firewall to secure the threaded ABS plastic tube to the front of the firewall as shown below. It is difficult to anticipate some potential problems and a concern arose that once the fuselage was completed there would be no way to access this screw, should the need arise.
To resolve this problem, a 4-40 Allen head nylon screw was screwed into the firewall end of the threaded ABS plastic tube as tight as it would go just short of twisting it off. Then the screw was cut off leaving a 5/16" length of nylon threads as shown on the left below.  
Now the ABS plastic tube with its length of nylon screw can be threaded into the firewall from the front as shown below thus eliminating the requirement to access the firewall from the back side.
The picture below shows the cowl neatly attached to the firewall with the newly revised 4-40 screw assembly. This is not only a more user friendly design, but also eliminates the metal screw and saves a little weight to boot................Tandy

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