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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #71

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
I have made this information from Jay Burhart a Cloudster report so that for those of you like me
who are not familiar the JES 012 ESC will know the correct position to put the movable jumper in.
Those jumpers are to choose what type of battery are you using to that the cut off voltage is correct for the type of cell.and also if you want the motor brake on or off.I believe your are using Lipo so you need to choose "li" and probably Brake "on" so the prop does not windmill when the motoris not running,  That would be "LiBr".....   Since there is no compression with an electric you have to do something to stop the prop. So your jumper is currently in the WRONG position if you are using Lipos. Move the jumper so you are jumpering pins 2 and 3 saying that the top pin as in the picture is pin 1 and it is not labeled. Then send me another picture with the view straight on and detailing the jumpers.  Don't take the picture at an angle.
Sorry I have been so long in getting back to you, but I have been down sick with a bad cold. However, this afternoon I did remove the ESC from the Cloudster so I could move the jumper per your instructions. When I removed the jumper from its factory position, there are four labels, which fall in between each of the five pins as shown below! :O<
However, if I understand your instructions above correctly, the white arrows show which label corresponds to which pin in the picture below.
Again, based on your instructions above, I have replaced the jumper on what I think are pins 2 & 3. Pin 2 labeled Li/Br.OFF is jumpered to pin 3 labeled Li/Br.ON.

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