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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #74

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
Visual cues not withstanding, I could not go forward with the previous strawman multi-color scheme that looked like something out of a  kid's color book!  I am going to use my trade mark color scheme of transparent Red wing and horizontal tail and white silk and dope fuselage and vertical tail.
Now speaking of transparent Red, I cut up the roll of Microlite Transparent Red into ten panels for the wing and six panels for the stab and elevator. I have covered for years with Monokote and then UltraCote Lite, so I have plenty of experience with covering with these films. I tried to cover the stab with Microlite Transparent Red and ran into all kinds of problems. The heat on the iron has to be extremely low or the material burn. Static electricity and the tendency for the stuff to stick to itself on this covering was pronounced and prevented me from ever getting a good stretch on the covering. After several hours, I finally just gave up and removed all of the Microlite covering from the stab.
I went to the hobby shop and bought a roll of UltraCote Lite Transparent Red. Again I cut up the roll into ten panels for the wing and six panels for the stab and elevator. By this time late in the day, I only had time to cover the stab shown below, which turned out just marvelous. Someday I will learn to stick with what works best for me. I have ended up wasted almost $60 on the four rolls of Microlite covering because I will never attempt to use it again..............Tandy  

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