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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #82

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
After six additional coats of 40/60 clear dope was put on the fuselage, cowl, and vertical tail, the fuselage weight alone has grown to 78 grams (2.75 oz) as shown below.
At this point, I decided to completely assemble the Cloudster as shown below in order to do a weight and balance check before finishing with all of the trim and graphics and installing the windows and windscreen.
The assembled Cloudster including the tail wheel was placed on the AccuLab scales as shown below.
The total weight was 429 grams as shown below, which is only 15.13 ounces. The model balance check showed the balance pont about a 3/16" forward of the desired CG location shown on the plans. 
The Cloudster's continuous weight saving effort eliminating a few grams here and a few grams there really paid off. However, now I am 0.87 ounces short of meeting the 16 ounce minimum weight for the Speed 400 SAM event. I just hate to have to add dead weight to a light model. However, based on these results I am going to have to in order to be legal. So tomorrow I will  disassemble the model and air brush one thin coat of clear satin Klass Kote on the fuselage, cowl, and vertical tail after all of the trim and graphics have been applied. That should put the balance point right on the desired CG.  I probably will still have to add a little ballast to bring the model up to the 16 ounce minimum weight requirement.
By the way, I thought you might like to see how the tail went together on the back of the fuselage as shown below..............Tandy

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