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 Goldberg "Gas Bird" Construction Project Session #11

By Tommy Gray
AMA 17063

After the construction of the pylon, I moved back to the stabilizer area.  I first finished up the sheeting of the stab center section.

I cut the elevators loose in preparation for hinging.  Also in order to connect them I had to fabricate a wire joiner by using a piece of wire and a piece of brass tubing for a bushing.

Once made up, I cut a tiny slice of the bottom sheeting of the stab out, so that I could insert the joiner

As you can see in the next picture, I have mounted the joiner and have it glued into place in the stabilizer.

You can see the brass tubing showing in the rudder slot.  To mount it I took a Dremel tool and cut a groove through each of the ribs so it could be inset 1/2 way through exactly in the center of the space from top to bottom.  Later I drilled the holes in the elevators so that the wire could be inserted into them after hinging.

I then glued the tiny piece I cut out to install the joiner, back in place and sanded everything smooth in preparation for mounting the stab.  If you look closely you can see the joint where I cut it out and replaced it, just back of the rear spar.

A little sanding and it is ready to mount.

More to come....Tommy!
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