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 Goldberg "Gas Bird" Construction Project Session #7

By Tommy Gray
AMA 17063

This time I will add some bracing to the wing, which is just a part of the few details that are left before finishing the wing.  I also have to add the center section sheeting and the rib caps, but that will come later. 

I added some diagonal triangular braces that the tip joints, and center joint on the trailing edge first.

Tip joint:

Center Joint:

Next, I slotted the joint ribs from the bottom, inside the front cavity (in front of the bottom front spars) so that I could slip in some 1/8" lite plywood braces.

The picture above is the front center piece.  I did not smooth it out a lot as it is going to be hidden inside the center sheeting.  Just below it you can see the other piece of 1/8" ply that I added for the joint in the rear spar.

In the next picture you can see the joint at the tip.  In the rear, I added a piece of 1/32" ply to brace that joint instead of the 1/8" I used in the center.

Due to the angle if the tip spar to the center spar, the 1/32" for the tip rear spar braces was for a reason.  The 1/32" allowed me to bend it and clamp it until the glue dried, thus making the brace flush and tight. even though they meet at about a 15 degree angle instead of straight.  You can see the angle I am mentioning in some of the previous session pictures where I showed you the wing framing.

Well that is all for this time....

More to Come ....Tommy!
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