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Sailplane Construction Project Session #10

Today, Sue I spent the better part of the day decorating our home for Christmas. The picture below shows the reflection of our Christmas tree in the sitting room wall mirror.
After we finished decorating this afternoon, I had some time to bend up the landing gear's 1/8" rear strut wire. I did a trial fit temporarily binding the forward and aft struts together to get a feel for how the two strut landing gear was going to look on the Sailplane. I still have to bend up the cross over wire that keeps the landing gear from spreading before I wrap and solder the struts together. I did take a few pictures for you to see how the landing gear is going to look.................Tandy
Forward sweep of landing gear.
Close up showing reinforced structure for rear strut.
Good spread between the wheels.
This shows the rear strut fuselage attachment.
The Comet plans show a single 3" wheel partially retracted into the bottom of the fuselage. In this picture I slipped on a pair of 3" wheels. I think the landing gear has plenty of spread and just the right forward sweep. What do you think?

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