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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #103

Comet Sailplane Project
When I unpinned the wing's inner panel and removed it from the work table, the diagonals between the first and second spar held the bow in the leading edge and kept the inner panel straight and true. In fact, the Warren Truss made inner panel "bullet proof", so to speak. I decided to add diagonals to the tip panel as well so the truss will run tip to tip full span as shown below.
The past couple of days I have been double gluing all of the many rib/spar joints in the inner and tip panels in addition to filling in balsa where there were gaps.
I decided to shape and contour the tip of the left wing tip panel before I attach it to the inner panel. In order to do this properly, filler balsa had to be added the top of the tip pieces as shown below.
Once the glue on the filler pieces was dry, I roughed in the shape as shown below.
This morning, I got serious with the wing tip and did the final finish work. The Sailplane's left sculptured wing tip is shown below.
This picture shows an edge view of the undercamber in the tip that matches the undercamber in the wing tip panel ribs. This will make the tip cover nicely. 
I am driving Sue down to Houston, Texas, early in the morning to spend some time with her sister who has just moved from Dallas to Houston. Sue plans to stay for a while to help her sister get settled in. My tasks will involve a new computer desk that will need to be unpacked and assemble (:O<, can opener to be cabinet mounted, pictures to be hung in each room, and I don't know what else she has planned for me.  In any event, I plan to return home Saturday. Sue will stay and fly home sometime next week.......................Tandy 

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