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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #106

Comet Sailplane Project
This report is kind of a combination of  the earlier No. 100 and 103 for the construction
of the left wing tip panel and has been included for documentation purposes. 
Late Sunday afternoon I began work on the right wing tip panel by modifying and laying out the composite tip/trailing edge pieces. Then I cut out the leading edge strips, soaked them in water, and glued the two piece lamination down on the plan in the leading edge curve as shown below.
I glued the laminated leading edge to the composite tip/trailing edge structure as shown below. I also sorted out all of the spars, ribs and sub ribs for the tip panel and lightly sanded of the laser burned edges as best I could.
The two missing sub ribs, No. 15 and No. 18, for this right wing panel was made when the left wing tip panel was built as shown below.
As with the left tip panel, there were several iterations of custom trimming and tweaking of the rib cut outs required to get each of the four tapered spars to slide straight through the cut outs in the all of the ribs. The six ribs were glued in place and then the four tapered spars were inserted into the rib cut outs and also glued in place. Finally the sub ribs were fitted and glued in as well as shown below. 
Filler balsa was added the top of the tip pieces as shown below for later contouring.
This shows the top balsa inlay on the tip sanded to contour, which really ties the tip together. As you can see, the balsa inlay work has produced a beautiful sculptured right wing tip that will cover very nicely. Down in the lower right of this picture you see the left tip panel that I used as a guide to shape and sculpture the right tip panel. Notice that I only have one diagonal of the Warren Truss installed so far and that was so I could shape the tip properly. I will add the rest later.
This shows a bottom view of the right tip panel. Notice that I have decided to put gussets on both sides of the ribs at the trailing edge joints. I will go back and add the gussets to the left half of the wing later........................Tandy 

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