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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #112

Comet Sailplane Project
This morning I took the wing up from the work table and clamped and glued the other three spars in the left dihedral joint and I have been working all day on right half of the Sailplane's wing panel. First I installed the 1/8" rib that goes into the polyhedral joint. I have shaped and sanded most of the leading edge, tapered the trailing edge a little more, and glue in all of those 1/16" gussets at rib juncture with the trailing edge. I still have some sub ribs to install and of course more sanding to do.
Looking back to Report No. 99, I started construction on this wing on May the 13th, which will soon be a month now! I probably should have built this complex wing first just to get it behind me before I built the fuselage. I never have enjoy building wings all that much, but this one in particular has turned out to be a major part of the Sailplane's project.
I had hoped by the end of the day today I would have progressed to the point that I could join the right half of the wing to the rest of the wing structure. Then it could have dry overnight. However, that is not going to be the case because I could not finish up all of the detail work on the on right half of the wing panel. I simply ran out of steam around 4:00 p.m. and just stopped for the day. However, I did a trial jigged fit of the right half of the wing to the rest of the wing structure and took the picture below for you to look at. As you can see, this is making up into a beautiful wing structure. I will get the wing structure permanently joined tomorrow for sure....................Tandy

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