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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #114

Comet Sailplane Project
In the picture below, notice the little sub rib's tails that extend aft of the first spar on top and bottom. While handling the wing, I accidentally broke off a couple of these tails and came to the realization that being unsupported they were too fragile survive.
Therefore, I went throughout the wing and glued in a solid support between the top and bottom tails on each and every sub rib as shown below. 
Today I also finished up the right dihedral joint including gussets and diagonals between the right inner panel and the center section as shown below.
Here is good top view of the wing's completed center section showing both dihedral joints.
I spent a large part of this afternoon carving, shaping, and sanding the left half of the wing's tapering leading edge as shown below. I still have the right leading edge to do and quite a bit of work on the trailing edge, but the construction of the Sailplane's wing is finally coming to a close. I hope to finish the wing either tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest..........................Tandy

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