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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #116

Comet Sailplane Project
After I finished the Sailplane's wing structure, I had to make provisions for storing the not only the wing, but the assembled fuselage as well. So I have spent the entire day today completely rearranging the model room to make a place for the Sailplane, which included the wing rack as well as  rehanging many of the fuselages. Once I finished, I decided to give you guys a pictorial tour around the model room, which begins below with a view of the southwest corner where the J-3 Cub is hanging. Notice the nice big window on the south wall.
Adjacent to the Cub is full size Bomber, the 300 sq. in. electric Korda Wakefield, and the 500 sq. in Class A Nostalgia T-Bird. I might point out that under the Cub is an FAC AT-6 stringered fuselage sitting on top of the case with the Brown Junior engine inside. Also hanging from the ceiling is the 1/2A Fubar 43X with a Cox Medallion .049.
This is a good view of the wing rack on the west wall. The third wing down on the rack is the 96" Bomber wing and right below that is the new Sailplane wing structure. You can also see the Sailplane's covered stab on top of the book case. 
On the north wall starting on the left is the Fubar 600X, Playboy Junior, a Fubar 43X fuselage with an Arden .099, and the Sailplane's fuselage. Notice the space provided for the Sailplane's stab up at the top. Finally there is the Class A Bomber and the Class B Airborn. Notice also all of the rolled plans standing up in the corner.
This is a view of the entrance  into the model room from the back hall with the Class B Airbrn on the left of the entry way.
This shows our wall cabinet and part of the closet where most of the tools are kept.  
This is a full view of the closet that I converted into a tool area and storage for dope, fuel, engines, and battery chargers.
We are back to the window on the south wall. That is a tray of balsa strips and sheet wood at the bottom. Also notice the long horizontal picture between the pith helmet and stop watch. I found this picture rolled up in some of my mother's things after she passed away.
Here is a close up of that picture. It was taken at a contest on August 15, 1950 out at the Two-Lakes Airport in Oklahoma City. For those of you that have read my book on Ray Matthews and his free flight designs, you will recognize all of these modeler's names as they were mentioned in the book. The two most noteworthy of course is Ray Matthew's himself and Gene Jackman who was the national junior champion at the Dallas nationals the very next year............................Tandy

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