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Sailplane Construction Project Session #12

Yesterday I was pretty busy around the house and did not get as much done on the Sailplane's (SP) landing gear as I had hoped. However, I did get the two cooper wrapped junctures soldered. The outside of the soldered left juncture is shown below.
This shows a profile shot of the SP landing gear from the right side. As you can see, with the tail up the landing gear's forward sweep places the 3" wheels directly under the engine providing plenty of prop ground clearance (3-1/4").
This picture includes the SP's long fuselage frame behind the firewall.
Here is a close up of the engine, tank, and landing gear installation. Notice the neat aluminum short prop spool and steel prop nut that Woody Bartelt made for me.
This is a front view showing the generous spread of the landing gear. However, I still have to come up with some type of a cross wire configuration to restrain the landing gear legs from spreading too far on a hard landing.................................Tandy

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