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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #127

Comet Sailplane Project
I finally finished the second covering of silk over the Polyspan Lite on the wing this morning along with one coat of 50/50 nitrate clear dope. I think it is interesting to see the three stages of the Sailplane wing collectively.
Wing Structure with three coats of 50/50 clear nitrate dope with light sanded between coats.
First wing covering of Polyspan Lite with three coats of 50/50 clear nitrate dope.
Remembering the color scheme for the Sailplane wing shown below,
This is the second wing covering of yellow and orange silk with one coat of 50/50 clear nitrate dope.
This picture of me holding the wing shows you just how large the wing really is.
With the Polyspan Lite underneath, the first coat of clear dope completely filled the silk grain. Of course, I will apply several more coats of clear dope before I am finished. I am also thinking about tinting the clear dope with Castin dye shown below to bring out the yellow and orange colors of the silk more vividly.
I still have not come up with a good material for the 1/4" black contrast strips between the yellow and orange silk. I have ruled out black tissue strips because they fade. I could paint the black strips on or use the Great Planes black striping tape, both of these have their draw backs however. I have asked before, but do you any better suggestions..................Tandy 

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