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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #129

Comet Sailplane Project
(On a project like this, sometimes you take two steps forward and one step back)
One of the benefits of posting these report is great feed back I get from other modelers that helps keep me out of trouble. Yesterday I received the following feed back from Bob Angel: 
I'd suggest you consider making that drain hole at least 1/4". Otherwise gummy surface tension probably won't let it drain, unless you flush it through each flying session with alky or gasoline. You may also want to consider letting the tube project outside an eighth of an inch, so the runoff drips away instead of crawling back along the fuselage bottom when the ship is just sitting. Of course dripping could be messy itself.
Regards,.......................Bob Angel
What Bob is talking about of course is the small aluminum lined 1/8" drain hole I installed in the bottom of the cowl as shown below.
This morning I drilled out the 1/8" aluminum tube and enlarged the drain hole to 1/4" as shown below. By the way, the CA had really bonded this tube well to the balsa.
As per Bob's recommendation, I cut off a piece of the larger 1/4" aluminum tubing and slipped it in the drain hole as shown below. The end of the tube is flush inside the cowl and extends below the outside cowl surface, again responding to Bob's suggestion. You will also note that I cut the drain tube at a 45 degree angle on the bottom.
This is a view of the drain tube looking aft at the cowl. I will not permanently CA the tube in place until after the cowl has been covered. Thank you Bob for pointing out this problem to me................Tandy

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