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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #132

Comet Sailplane Project
Today I have put on the cowl's first covering of white silk instead of Polyspan Lite because of the complex shape around the front inlet opening. As shown below, I used one piece of silk to begin covering the complete cowl with only one seam along the very bottom of the cowl.
This picture shows the white silk wrapped around radius of the front inlet and doped down along the full width of the inside edge.
This shows the silk covered inlet after the excess silk was trimmed off.
The rear bulkhead of the cowl covered in much the same way with the silk wrapped around and doped to the inside edge as shown below.
This shows the silk covered rear bulkhead after the excess silk was trimmed off.
This shows covered cowl with one coat of clear dope on the white silk. Notice the filled in vent holes are quite visible!
Well, this completes the first covering of the fuselage, two hatches, and the cowl. Now I proceed with doping all of these items two more times before I start applying the second covering of orange silk.
Back in February in Report No. 49, I reported on a small complex balsa fairing that I made to fill in between the fuselage and the stab. At the time I reported that the fairing still had to have some final sanding done to it before it fits in properly and that I had not decided just how to attach the fairing permanently. Now I will do the finished sanding, cover the fairing in white and then orange silk. I have decided to go on and glue it to the stab permanently.........................Tandy

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