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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #136

Comet Sailplane Project
Using one piece of orange silk to cover a complete side of the pylon results in two small areas of missing silk in the neck of pylon's leading edge as well as the trailing edge as shown below.
This close up is an attempt to show the area void of silk in the neck of the leading edge. The color in this picture is significantly off due to the lighting and no flash.
I tried cutting a small patch of raw orange silk and clear doping it over the missing area several times, but I kept ending up in a mess. The raw silk would distort and bunch up. I had to take Acetone and remove the silky glob! So I got the idea of predoping the silk so it would hold its shape while being applied. I keep a frame around for experimentation. I covered a bay of the frame and clear doped it several times as shown below. 
Then I cut out the piece of doped silk as shown below.
I cut out a small patch like below, and.....
doped it over the area. This technique worked well as shown below!..............Tandy

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