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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #147

Comet Sailplane Project
A major milestone on the Sailplane project was reached today. The black trim was painted on the fuselage. As you may recall in the last Report No. 146, the picture below of the fuselage with the complete trim pattern masked off using 1/8" and 1/4" Pactra masking tape was shown.
To provide a wider mask for painting, Scott's 3M low tack blue masking tape 1" wide was used as a backup over and outside the 1/4" Pactra tape as shown below. One coat of 40% clear nitrate dope mixed with 60% thinner was first brushed over the mask to seal the edges of the Pactra tape and prevent bleed through. 
 Three jars of Tamiya's Acrylic paint were purchased and consisted of glossy black, semi gloss black, and flat black finishes. Strips of each paint were painted on a test sample. As you can clearly see below, the flat black finish is superior and it just appears to be "blacker" than the other two. Therefore, flat black was selected as the finish of choice. Remember, the entire Sailplane will be sprayed one final coat of clear satin Klass Kote at the end giving it an overall matte finish. 
Flat black Tamiya Acrylic paint was carefully brushed onto the fuselage's mask as shown below. The simple straight fuselage stripes were done first to get a little experience at brushing Acrylic. Then the more complex cowl pattern was pained last. Two coats of the Acrylic paint were used.
The paint was allowed to dry about 45 minutes between the two coats before the masking tape was removed. The 1" Scott's 3M blue tape was removed first to get it out of the way. Then the 1/4" and 1/8" Pactra tape was removed slowly and carefully, pulling it up over itself at a 45 degree angle. The edge line of the Acrylic paint turned out very sharp and crisp as shown in the close up below. This Pactra masking tape is nothing less than amazing as you can see below. 
This is an aft looking view of the left side of the fuselage.
This is an aft looking view of the right side of the fuselage. Unfortunately, the exhaust cut out in the cowl extends into the black trim slightly, but it couldn't be avoided.
This is a left side view of the fuselage.
This is my favorite forward looking view of the Sailplane's complete fuselage.
I am most satisfied with today's trim painting results. Tomorrow I will continue by starting to  mask off the four stripes on the wing and two stripes on the stab..........................Tandy

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