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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #151

Comet Sailplane Project
I have most of the day today making coming up with support fixtures that can be hand held while spraying satin clear Klass Kote. Eight of the support fixtures for the two elevator halves, the fin and the rudder, the two hatch covers, and the stab's two sub fins are shown in the picture below.
The stab support fixture for spraying the bottom the stab is shown below. The stab has a 3/16" slot for retaining the fin in the top planking. A 3" piece of 3/16" balsa plank was clamped up in a mini vise with plywood pieces up part way to add stiffness. A strip of masking tape was added to the plank for a good friction fit of the plank in the slot. Once the bottom is sprayed and dry, the stab will be turned over and supported in similar way using the two 1/8" sub fins slots located outboard in the two black trim stripes. 
I will use a firewall support fixture for the fuselage, but the wing is the only remaining component without a support fixture design. The bottom of the wing will have to be sprayed first and then the top. I still have to spend some time and try to figure out how to support the wing for spraying. Got any good ideas?......................Tandy

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