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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #161

Comet Sailplane Project
I finished making up the high tension lead for the McCoy. As you can see below, a bend was put in spark plug clip to give the high tension lead an upward angle behind the spark plug. A loop was also put in the high tension wire for some extra slack for the lead to go through the hole in the cowl during installation.
One inch 6-32 Allen head motor mount bolts were used to mount the McCoy 60 by screwing them tightly into the composite mounts. Then a flat washer and a lock washer were put on each bolt and a 6-32 nut was tightened down onto the bottom of the screws for extra security as shown below.
The pressure line and the fuel line were installed as shown below.
The cowl was installed and the exhaust extension was slipped over the engine's exhaust stack and held in place with springs as shown below.
This picture shows the exhaust extension from the right side as well as the needle valve.
A booster check was made by hooking the (+) booster lead to rear bottom terminal and the (-) booster lead to the landing gear as shown below. The spark plug was removed and the engine was turned over and the spark plug did spark. 
An ignition battery charge check was made with a multimeter (+) lead hooked to forward bottom terminal and the (-) lead to the landing gear as shown below. The multi meter read 4.02 volts as shown below.
A 62% CG "tick" indicator was added to each side of the pylon with black trim tape as shown below.
A label with my name, address, and phone number was added to the bottom of the fuselage between the two hatches as shown below.
This is good picture showing the completely finished and assembled Sailplane, except for the wing. I am waiting on the graphics to finish the wing, which should be here next week.
The Sailplane's wing is stored on the wing rack in the model room as shown below.
The Sailplane's fuselage was stored by hanging it on the north wall with a number of other fuselages as shown below........................Tandy

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