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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #165

Comet Sailplane Project
On Monday I finished putting the vinyl graphics on the silk covered Sailplane wing. Cajun Graphics out of Utah cut the AMA numbers using Amarillo USAF font and the Sailplane label using Script Bold font. The graphics were allowed to dry for at 24 hours so they would set up good. I took the picture below so you could see both of the graphics on the wing.
This shows the completed and assembled Sailplane nose down on the work table in the model room.
This shows the Sailplane just sitting on the work table.
In an attempt to show the Sailplane's beautiful internal structure, this picture was taken without the flash with the light shining through from the back.
View from the Front
View from the Top
View Sitting on the Driveway
View from the Side
(My favorite picture of the Sailplane)
I began this project on October 31, 2008, and finished it yesterday Monday, September 7, 2009. It has taken me just over 10 months to build this Sailplane and I am most pleased with the way it has turned out. I have posted a total of 165 building reports along the way showing every facet of the model's construction. However, I still have to go through flight testing with it before I can say that I have a successful Sailplane. Wish me luck...........................Tandy

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