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Sailplane Construction Article Session #18

Today the wide trailing edge was tied in with the new rear spar using 1/8" inclined false ribs on each end and two of the three diagonal braces were added as shown below.


This is a close of the 1/8" inclined false rib on the left side.
All sub ribs were sanded and glued in place along the stab's leading edge as shown below.
This shows a frontal view of the sub ribs.
The ends of the ribs in the elevator were carefully cut loose in their slots and the bottom of the wide trailing edge surface was aligned tangent to the bottom edge of the ribs as shown below. Notice that one 3/32" balsa gusset was added to each rib. The purpose of these gussets is to hold the rib's position when they are cut off in the morning to receive the new elevator leading edge.....................Tandy

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