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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #25

Well, the Christmas decorations are put away and Sue and I finished our two-day house cleaning to start the new year with. Yesterday, Sue started putting in a schedule of two types of pre-surgery drops in my right eye four times a day. We check in at the eye center day surgery in the morning at 10:15 a.m. for processing. The right eye cataract surgery is scheduled an hour later.
I did get a little time the other day to install the additional brace on the outside stab cut out rib that Alfredo Herbon suggested to prevent the covering from bowing the rib in and wrinkling as shown below.
In addition, if you look close you can see the 1/64" plywood that I reinforced the gap edges with in the picture below.
I moved the elevator down in the picture below so you can see the 1/64" plywood on the edges more clearly. This hard surface will keep the spiked corners of the stab and elevator halves from getting "dinged" and blunting.....................Tandy

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