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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #33

I have worked like the devil this afternoon on the Sailplane fuselage, but I really do not have a lot to show you this evening. However, I have completed the installation of all of the side bulkhead pieces and side diagonals as shown below. I sized this picture a little larger than usual so you can get a feel for how the Sailplane fuselage is taking shape, which I am quite pleased with by the way. By the way, the 3/32" X 3/16" side diagonals have already stiffened up the aft portion of the fuselage in torsion considerably!  
I have included the picture below to show you how much fuselage width the side bulkhead pieces have added to the primary frame work. My next task will be to design and work out the details for constructing the two bottom hatch covers for the ignition system and radio hatch openings, which must also include how to retain them to the fuselage. This will also involve the installation of the bottom bulkhead pieces in order to make sure the bottom lines of the fuselage flow smoothly across the hatch covers. I am anticipating this to be a sizable task taking several days..............................Tandy 

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