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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #36

Comet Sailplane Project
I'll swear, there are so many individual detailed things to build on this Sailplane project, I hardly know where to start each morning. I find that with so many, I have to pick out just one thing to concentrate on and not think about the others. I spent most of the day today installing an Ernst charging jack for the radio battery pack in the left side of the Sailplane's fuselage. I used a piece of 1/8" X 1/2" bass wood for the mounting platform shown below. I cut out the square opening and drilled the two holes before gluing it in place and putting on four additional lower planking strip.
The picture below shows the Ernst charging jack installation from the inside. The plastic nut plate is permanently CA'd to the back side of the mounting plate.
This picture shows the Ernst charging jack installation from the outside. The jack is located on the left side of the fuselage opposite where the McCoy 60's exhaust will discharge.
In the picture below you can see that all of the bottom bulkhead pieces have been glued onto the cross members and the bottom diagonals glued in place. This fuselage is really stiffing up in torsion with the addition of diagonals.
I think my next series of steps for tomorrow will be to (1) plank the fuselage bottom section, (2) plank the radio hatch cover, (3) add on the sub rudder shown in the lower right corner of the picture above, and (4) install all of the bottom stringers. I also need to carefully think through the steel wire tail skid in the sub rudder............................Tandy

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