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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #41

Today I installed the two 1/8" square stringers on the lower half of the left side of the fuselage as shown below. It is hard to see, but the corner of the 3/16" square primary structure has been rounder off to form the corner stringer.
Again, I added fillets to the stringers where they attach to the forward planking as shown below to prevent the silk covering from pulling down into the square corners of the stringer attach points when doped.
Back in Report No. 28, I showed the picture below of the elevator push rod and said, "Later on, after the fuselage bulkhead pieces are attached and all of the 1/8" stringers installed, this outer tube will be trimmed off flush to outer portion of the fuselage."
Before the side stringers could be installed, provisions had to made for the elevator push rod outer tube to exit the side of the fuselage structure. In the picture below, a 1/4" balsa block has been drilled out, slid over the elevator push rod outer tube, epoxied in place, and the outer tube cut off.
In this picture you can see how the side stringers were integrated with the balsa block and the flush elliptical opening for the elevator push rod to exit out of.
This shows how cleanly the carbon fiber push rod exits the side of the fuselage ....................Tandy

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