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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #48

Comet Sailplane Project
Yesterday I glued in all of the 3/32" X 3/16" diagonals between the top bulkhead pieces as shown below.
This shows how the top diagonals run in the opposite direction to bottom diagonals.
I glued in the four top 1/8" stringers as shown below. The diagonals really paid off because this is one rigid structure in torsion now, even without the covering. 
Three 1/16" wooden dowel pins were installed down the center of the fuselage's sub rudder slot as shown below. As you can see, holes in the bottom edge of the sub rudder were drilled to match the dowel pins. The fuselage and sub rudder will be covered and doped separately before the sub rudder is epoxied into fuselage's sub rudder slot. This is to prevent the covering from pulling away from fuselage/sub rudder juncture.
This picture shows the trial fit of sub rudder on the fuselage after its exposed edge had been sculptured and sanded to shape. The entire rear end of the fuselage is coming together very nicely and will be easy to cover I think. 
Off the subject, but yesterday I picked up my new prescription glasses. What a relief to finally be able to clearly see up close as well at the intermediate range. I also went down to the Texas State Highway Driver's license Department and told them I had completed lens implant surgery in both eyes.  I said that I wanted to take the eye test in order to get my glasses restriction removed from my driver's license. The lady ask me to step over to the eye viewer and with out my glasses read Line No. 5, which I did. Just to impress on her how well I really could see, I skipped down to the smaller Line No. 7 and read it for her also!  :O) She was duly impressed...........Tandy

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