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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #53

Comet Sailplane Project
The construction of the left elevator skid yesterday and this morning went much faster after having worked out the design and detailed implementation on the right one. For documentation purposes, I took a few pictures below showing both elevator skids mounted on the stab.
View from the bottom. 
View from the top rear.
View looking up from the bottom.
Here is some good source information that I want to make you aware of. My friend, Marvin Stern called me today (you know, he is the guy that makes and sells that marvelous ignition system with the electronic switch). Marv said he now has a supply of silk in white, red, yellow, and orange colors. The good news is that this silk has no sizing in it so it will shrink properly. In addition, he has recently acquired a digital vinyl cutting machine and will be making AMA and SAM numbers and letters to your request. You can reach Marv by phone at (732) 928-0884 or contact him by e-mail at ........Tandy

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