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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #61

Comet Sailplane Project
As I reported earlier, I had to buy 1/2" wide brass strap at the hardware store because they did not stock a 3/8" width in .064" brass strap. My friend Jerry Burk took it over to his shop yesterday evening and cut the width down to 3/8" on his band saw as shown below. He set up some kind of a fence on his band saw to do this job for me. He coated the brass strip with some type of "bluing" and scribed a 3/8" cutting line on the brass as you can on the top edge in the picture below. Thank you Jerry for a marvelous job cutting the 1/2" width down to 3/8".
Today I fabricated the second prototype for the cowl retention bracket shown below. This time a 4-40 brass nut is soldered on the back side of the bracket and the height of the 3/8" brass bracket was increased to account for the thickness of motor mount lug.
The picture below shows the new bracket on the bottom of the McCoy 60's mounting lug. Notice with the increased bracket height, the 4-40 cowl retention screw will clear the top of the motor mount bolts.
This shows a view from the bottom of the engine. Notice that the new 3/8" wide bracket now completely covers the machined surface on the bottom of the motor mount lug. Also notice that the front face of the bracket lines up with the front face of the McCoy's front cover so the bracket will not interfere with the rotation of the timer assembly.
Finally, this picture is to compare the two prototype cowl retention bracket designs.................Tandy

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