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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #75

Comet Sailplane Project
This morning I wanted to work through my first cutting exercise of the silk pieces. I started with the 1-yard piece of yellow silk that has the 10" X 10" corner missing. I selected the two 13" X 18" wing tip pieces shown on the layout below with the grain running the 18" length for taking pictures.
First I aligned the edge of the silk with the edge of my work table. Then measured over 13" and put a piece of masking tape down on the edge of the silk and marked it as shown below.
Next I laid down an aluminum straight edge and aligned it with the edge of the work table 13" over from the edge as shown below.
For years I have used the GEM single edge razor blade shown below in my model construction. They are kind of pricey now at $5.25 for a set of ten, but the GEM blade has one of the sharpest edges I have ever found. This is what I used to cut the yellow silk with this morning. 
My first cut was long the aluminum straight edge down the 36" length as shown below. This procedure went surprisingly well, especially with the masking tape holding the silk against the drag of the cut direction.
The 13" X 36" piece was then turned so that the blade would cut through the silk with the wood grain of the work table. The silk was taped and cut into the two 13" X 18" pieces as shown below. Again, this cut was accomplished with ease. You just have to take your time and be sure you have it right before you make your cut.
I repeated the process again and cut out the other two wing tip pieces, which completed all of the cuts for the 1-yard piece of yellow silk leaving a 10" X 26" piece of silk unused. I might point out that on the last cut, the corner of the GEM blade had some tendency to start pulling the silk a little so three long cuts is about all I want to do before changing to a new GEM razor blade.
With this exercise being as successful as it was, this afternoon I plan cut the two 12" X 38" pieces of yellow silk for covering the stab from the new 3-yard yellow silk package and then later start covering the stab with yellow silk over the Polyspan Lite........................Tandy 

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