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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #79

Comet Sailplane Project

Things never go the way you have them envisioned or as fast as you think they will. It took me most of the afternoon to applied yellow silk covering over the doped Polyspan Lite to the undercambered bottom of the stab and orange silk to stab tips as shown below. In addition, I doped the bottom of the stab with two coats clear nitrate dope. It was a tedious process and it just took a lot of time. I want to use a 1/4" black transition stripe between the yellow and orange silk on the tips, but I have not decided what to use for the stripe yet. Black tissue would work well, but its color fades badly with time. If I paint the black strip on, I will have to wait until I finish doping the stab completely.
Tomorrow I plan to cover the top of the stab in a similar manner, which should be much easier without having to deal with the undercamber issue........................Tandy

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