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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #97

Comet Sailplane Project
Last evening I made the second wing saddle fillet on the other side of the pylon before I went to bed. The picture below shows a close up of the two epoxy fillets to be relative symmetrical. Notice that the 3/16" edges of the wing saddle are now also sanded to shape. 
The complete frontal view of the fuselage with the finished pylon/wing saddle is shown below.
I was intending to put epoxy fillets at the pylon/fuselage juncture as well, but now I am having second thoughts. If you look at the picture below, the planking joint all along the top of the fuselage is so clean and so tight that I am considering leaving it as and just double covering it. I believe the pylon joint has sufficient strength without the epoxy fillet. What do you think? For now I am going on to sanding the barrel planking and then constructing an exhaust extension out of .02" brass sheet as Jim O'Reilly has suggested. Of course I can always come back and add the epoxy fillet anytime before I start cover................................Tandy

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