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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #13

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
The picture below shows the lay up of the Cloudster's fin. A thick 3/16" root piece is used to support the removable fin from the stab.  
The fin root was notched out on each end for 1/8" plywood inserts that were threaded for 2-56 cap screws. These inserts were glued in place and serve as 2-56 blind nuts in the root of the fin as shown below. 
Then it occurred to me that I had forgot to drill holes in each of the stab plate for securing the fin in the stab slot. So these were carefully marked and drilled out on the small Micro-Mark drill press as shown below.
This picture shows the fin inserted into the stab slot and secured with the two 2-56 cap screw from a bottom view of the stab.
The picture below shows the fin secured to the stab. The center section has yet to be planked.......Tandy

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