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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #20

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
In yesterday's Report 19, this picture of the wire landing gear with the cross brace soldered in place was presented. An error was made in that the cross brace bent ends were wire wrapped and soldered inside the wire landing gear as shown below. 
Using a Dremel cut off wheel, the wire wrapping was cut down one side and then heated up and removed. A new cross brace was made and correctly wire wrapped in place on the wire landing gear as shown below. 
This shows a picture from the front of the new wire wrapping after it had been soldered in place. You see, when the wire landing gear is laced to its 1/16" plywood mounting plate, the bottom edge of the plate butts down against the cross brace.
28 gauge brass wire was used to lace the wire landing gear to the 1/16" plywood mounting plate as shown below.
This shows an edge view of the landing gear laced to the plywood mounting plate and why I had to change the cross brace location.
This shows a trial fit of the landing gear's plywood plate in the fuselage structure.................Tandy

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