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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #23

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
The plan pattern for the Cloudster's firewall is shown below. The top and bottom portions are shown cut out for 1/8" planking to extend to the front face of the firewall. However, I prefer that the cowl butt up against an all plywood firewall so I filled in the cut outs as shown below.
The firewall was cut out of 3/32" plywood and bonded to the front face of the fuselage main frame as shown below. A wooden ruler was run through the two front side members of the fuselage frame and two heavy steel squares were placed on either side of the ruler to form a type of press while the aliphatic glue dried.
The picture below shows the finished firewall with lightening holes bonded to the front face of the fuselage main frame.
The picture below shows the hand made Speed 400 motor mount secured to the firewall with four 2-56 cap screws. Notice that the motor mount rear mounting ring will have to be trimmed down about an 1/8" across the top to permit the cowl to fit up to the firewall.
The Speed 400 motor, spinner/adapter, and tail assembly were attached to the fuselage main frame as shown below. The total weight at this point is 139 grams (4.9 oz).
A 1/16" piano wire was run through to the top longerons and adjusted to balance point as shown below for a CG status check. The balance point is 3/16" forward of the desired CG, which is a good indication the model can be balanced without ballast weight.........................Tandy

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