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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #24

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
In Report No. 20, the landing gear was laced to the 1/16" plywood mounting plate with small brass wire. As part of the Cloudster's on going weight saving effort, three lightening holes were carefully located and made in the mounting plate as shown below before it was glued into the fuselage main frame. Instead of using epoxy to pot the wire lacing in place, two coats of CA was applied on both sides of the mounting plate, which is much lighter in weight than epoxy. 
The edges of the landing gear's 1/16" plywood mounting plate were coated with aliphatic glue and then clamped into place on the fuselage main frame with seven plastic clamps as shown below.
Once the glue was dry, the clamps were removed leaving a very clean looking landing gear installation as shown below.
This last picture shows the entire fuselage main frame with the landing gear installed.
The next task will be to install the rudder and elevator servos. They will be placed as far back in the cabin area as possible and still be able to get to the servo mounting screws from the top opening over the cabin.....................Tandy

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