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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #36

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
The four remaining tip ribs were glued in place over the relatively hard 3/32" X 1/4" balsa bottom spar. A medium 3/32" X 1/4" balsa strip was chosen for the top spar because it has to curve down out at the tip. Actually, the top spar was beveled and glued to the tip unit first before it was bent to shape as shown below. 
The wing's inner was pinned down over the plans and wing's tip panel was jigged up such that the tip was elevated off of the plan 2.85". A trial clamped fit was made without gluing to check the set up as shown below. 
Notice the steel square with the plywood clamped to it at the right. This will be 2.85" jig brace placed under the wing tip when the two panels are glued together. A measurement check was made of the tip's elevation with a metal scale as shown below.
In this close up, you can see that the bottom of the wing tip is elevated exactly 2.85".
In the picture below, the right wing's inner and tip panels have been glued and clamped together with the 2.85" jig brace supporting the wing tip. This will be left to dry overnight. Then the two temporary polyhedral ribs will be removed so that the main spars can be braced and the polyhedral joint completed.............................Tandy 

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