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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #46

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
As you may remember, I was having a number of Sony Viao computer problems. Even after my grandson reformatted my computer and went back to Texas A&M, the hard disk was still partitioned, the spell checker was not working in Outlook Express and the Internet Explore would not perform certain file downloads to correct these problems (this is to only mention few).
My good friend Jerry Burk referred me to Mr. Jerry Kester, an Arlington computer analyst (see card below), that services computers
on a part time basis. I called Mr. Kester and discussed my computer problems with him. He suspected that I had a software conflict between Norton 360 and the internet Explorer and said he could trouble my problems, which could take an undetermined amount of time. However, Mr. Kester recommended doing a complete computer restoration to a configuration that would solve these problems for a fixed fee, without using the six Sony restoration CD's, which I elected to do. I backed up all of my files on a Flash drive and Mr. Kester came over and picked up my computer and took it home with him so I have been without a computer for several days again.
Based on the notes I took and my limited knowledge of
computers, I will attempt to describe what was done.
Yesterday Mr. Kester returned here with my computer. He wiped the hard drive clean eliminating the partition in the hard drive. This provided a single 60 GB hard disk and he doubled the size of the RAM from 512 MB to 1024 MB, which almost double the PC's speed. He had installed Windows XP Professional Edition as the operating system and Outlook Express 6.0 as the e-mailer, FlashPeak Slim Browser and Internet Explorer as the browsers, Adobe Reader 9.0, Office 97, Works 7.0,  Flash Player, Shockwave, and Java. For working with picture images, he installed the complete Adobe Photoshop 7.0 program. For security protection and maintenance, he installed Avast Anti-Virus (with automatic updates), Malware Bytes Anti-Malware (with automatic updates), ATF-Cleaner, Glary Utilities, Skybot-Search & Destroy, and UDfrag.     
As part of his service, Mr. Kester hooked up and interfaced the PC with my uninterruptable power supply, Samsung laser printer, Epson color printer, Canon scanner, and Belton USB hub. He gave me an explanation and a hand's-on walk through of each of the security protection and maintenance programs so I would an understanding of their function and utility. Then all of my personal files were transferred from the Flash drive to C drive on the PC. At this point the C drive has 14.5 GB of used space and 45.5 GB of free space. I now have a very fast and efficient PC with more than ample hard drive storage availability. Mr. Kester left me his card shown above and said to call him if and when I encountered a problem and needed help.....................................Tandy

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