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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #47

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
Well, I am up and running again, even though I still have a few computer issues and settings to work out. The reformatting of my computer caused me to loose all of the group folders in the Outlook Express e-mail address book including the Speed 400 group. Therefore, I have had to develop a new Speed 400 e-mail address group folder from memory, which will not have some on the original list.
 During all of this down time, I did get some work done on the Cloudster wing's center section. As part of the Cloudster's on going weight saving effort, a significant portion of the center section's top and bottom 1/16" balsa planking was eliminated to save weight as shown below. Also shown is the center rib of the five center section ribs.
Here you can see the five center section ribs glued in place between the main spar and the trailing edge. You can also see the 1/16" X 1/2" plywood plate attached to the center section's trailing edge with a 2-56 cap screw in the center for the rear attachment of the wing to the fuselage.
This picture shows the center section planking completed.
This is just a shot of the complete wing showing the planked center section.
The wing is attached to the fuselage  at the front with a plywood hold down plate that slips onto two 3/16" dowels as shown on the plan excerpt below. 
The wing's hold down plate was made from 1/16" plywood as shown below. Notice that eight 1/4" lightening holes were made to reduce weight as part of the Cloudster's on going weight saving effort.
This shows the hold down plate inserted into its wing slot near the leading edge, but not yet glued in place.
Since this completes the Cloudster's wing structure, it was weighed and compared to the construction goal of 2 ounces. As shown below, the wing structure weighs 56 grams or 1.98 oz..................................Tandy

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