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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #57

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
The  JETI 12 Amp Electronic Speed Control (ESC) comes with a switch already installed on the unit. I guess it serves as a safety "kill switch" to completely disable the ESC. The ESC switch mount is made out of 1/16" plywood with 1/8" balsa glued to the inside as shown below. A rectangular opening was made in the 1/16" plywood for the switch slide to go through and two holes were drilled for the small mounting screws also shown below. 
This picture shows the switch mount integrated into the right side of the fuselage structure. I was going to put it on the left side, but ended up putting it on the right instead. This was because James Lollar said he was going to put his switch on the right side and when I checked all of my other models, sure enough their switches were on the right side also.
Here the ESC switch is shown from the outside screwed to its mount. Notice the switch is well above the battery box so it does not interfere installing and removing the flight battery. The first three open bays of the fuselage sides will be inlaid with 1/16" balsa.
This picture shows the wire routing from the ESC unit to mounted switch.
I received some very good instructions from Jay Burkart (an experienced electric flier) today on how to use connectors to hook the two ESC yellow wires to the back of the Speed 400 motor, which I will share with you later when the connectors are installed.........................Tandy

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