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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #58

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
I only got to work on the Cloudster off and on today between morning and afternoon scheduled medical appointments. Before I begin this report, I want to pass along a response from Jay Burkart correcting a statement I made in yesterday's Report No. 57.
Tandy, a word to the wise to share with all of your buddies on electric. The switch on a ESC ( speed controller )  is NOT and On and OFF switch. It is an ARMING Switch. When you plug the battery into a ESC it is hot and working. but the switch keeps the signal from the receiver from getting to the ESC to hange the throttle setting. So that means that the ESC is drawing power from the battery even though it seems like nothing is happening. Which in turn means that it is draining the battery a little and if you forget to unhook the battery even though the switch is in the off position it can easily drain the battery FLAT. So that will absolutely ruin a Lipo battery. When you are done flying always unplug the battery or learn the hard and expensive way. I know because I forget at times and have to buy another Lipo........
OK, to inlay the fuselage side structure, 1/16" medium balsa sheet was used. The right side of the fuselage inlay is shown below. However, 3/32" sheet balsa was used on the combing on the aft window at the rear. There is still more considerable work to do on the windows.
The left side of the fuselage inlay is shown below. Notice the hole in the inlay. 
This is a close up of the hole in the first bay of the fuselage structure. Its purpose is to help promote additional air ventilation and circulation for cooling the Speed 400 electric motor........................Tandy

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