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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #63

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
The Cloudster fuselage aft of the cabin area seems a little weak in torsion, even for an electric model. This is probably due to the light weight 3/16" square balsa used in the structure. To stiffen the structure up a bit, 1/16" X 3/16" balsa diagonals were added in two of central bays as shown below.
This is a close up of the diagonal configuration used. Even though diagonals were only added to two bays, they stiffened up the structure considerably without adding much weight.
I received extra long 2-56 cap crews from Micro Fastener as shown below to secure the battery box and receiver mount to the fuselage frame.
This shows the 1" long 2-56 cap screw that goes through the white ABS tubing in the bottom planking used secure the battery box, which can be seen in the lower right portion of the picture below.
This is just a close up of the cap screw.
I also received the four transparent colors of Microlite covering yesterday that I ordered from Tower Hobbies.
I still have to develop a color scheme to be used for the Cloudster covering. James Lollar indicated that I should use a varied color pattern because these Speed 400 models get pretty hard to see at the end of the 180 second motor run......................Tandy

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